Valeria Troubina is the prominent Ukrainian painter born in 1966. Her creative growth arose together with the other artists of “Paris Commune” – the famous Kyiv group in the end of the 80th – beginning of 90th of the XX century, whose achievements are traditionally connected with the world’s post-modern art trend – Italian transavantgarde. In 1990 Troubina became a member of Ukrainian Union of Artists.

Creativity of Valeria Troubina is free of any social or political tendencies and is directed exclusively towards aesthetic categories – such as spirituality in art and beauty as the highest value.

Works of the artist are in The National Arts Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv), The National Museum of Russian Art (Kyiv), as well as in the private collections in Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.

1977 – 1981 Art School, Voroshilovograd, Ukraine.
1981 – 1985 Art College, Voroshilovograd, Ukraine.
1985 – 1990 Academy of Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Selected exhibition:

“Velykyj Pereviz” art residency, 2nd part of the project “Elements”, Poltava, Ukraine.
“Classified”, black and white painting group project, Dymchuk Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Parkomuna” (Paris Commune) retrospective, Pinchuk Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Presentation of 1989 painting “Fish King” gifted to The National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv.

“Betrayal”, art residency group exhibition, Red and Black Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Knyazha Gora” art residency, Kaniv, Ukraine.
“Momentary Flashes of Eternity” exhibition, Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art, Chocolate House Art center, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Velykyj Pereviz” art residency, 1st part of the project “Elements”, Poltava, Ukraine.

“ArtKyiv”, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Open spaces”, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Match-point 88: a moment before the new life”, curated by Solovyov, FINE ART UKRAINE 2013, Art Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Universal Identification”, Gallery RA, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Yin”, Contemporary Art Centre M17, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Universal Identification”- duo photography project, International Festival of Photography, Ra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“New Ukrainian Painting”, Art Ukraine project, Harkiv, Ukraine.
“Ukrainian Modern Baroque” – curator project of The National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Gurzuff Plainair”-group exhibition, Project Space Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“The end of the Year”- annual group exhibition, Ra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Flashback”, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Art-Kyiv contemporary 2011”, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“On the Wave”, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Secret Gardens”, Bottega Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Group exhibition “Ukrainian New Wave”, The National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Preventive Measures”, The Bereznitsky Gallery, Berlin, Germany.

“Art Maui 2006″, 28th Annual Juried Exhibition, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, represented by Schaefer International Gallery, Kahului, Hawaii, USA.

“Art Maui 2005″, 27th Annual Juried Exhibition, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, represented by Schaefer International Gallery, Kahului, Hawaii, USA.

“Arsenal”, Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art, Kyiv, Ukraine.

“Evening with Alex Grey”, Infinite Kaos, San Francisco, California, USA.

“InVisible”, Bolinas Gallery, Bolinas, California, USA.

“Red Tribe”, 150 Folsom, San Francisco, California, USA.

“New Ukrainian Painting — After The Apocalypse”, the Economist, London, England, United Kingdom.

“Angels Over Ukraine”, 369 Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

“Three Generations of Ukrainian Art”, Kyiv, Ukraine; Berlin, Germany; Odence, Denmark.

“Love”, Andriyvsky uzviz, curated by the Ukrainian Union of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine